MGAP calls on Uruguay to be cautious in the face of bird flu in Argentina’s marine mammals

Given the emergence of the case Avian Influenza in marine mammals ArgentinaMinistry of Animal Husbandry ( MGAP) asked to take precautions not to touch the animals lest they be found dead.

Avian influenza spreads from birds to other marine mammals. Director of the National Bureau of Aquatic Resources (Dinara), explains Jaime Coronel underline Uruguay has yet to make that leap, but “it’s very close, and it’s a serious problem, and it can be contagious to humans, which is rare in the world, but when it does happen, it’s very serious.”

Symptoms that can be detected in animals are respiratory symptoms and neurological symptoms, which can occur alone or together. Respiratory refers to difficulty breathing.

Currently, the first case has not been confirmed, but authorities have asked not to come into contact with marine mammals, especially wolves and lions. This advice applies to people and pets.

The county must be notified if dead marine animals are found. Additionally, vehicles are advised not to travel close to the area as they may spread the virus to other locations.

Some countries have suspended access to beaches, but “this measure must be carefully evaluated with the Ministry of Public Health in light of the presence of disease,” Director Di Nara said.

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