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Mia Khalifa and Bella Poarch look like in TikToker music video

The popular TikToker Bella Poarch has once again surprised the world of Internet with the launch of his new and first music videoSo, ladies and gentlemen, the young woman who became popular for “doing absolutely nothing” on the video platform is more than looking at the camera with a tender face.

But that’s not all because apart from the fact that he released the music video, he was in charge of bringing together most of his friends and friends and even inviting one of the most controversial stars of show business of all Mia Khalifa, who appears in several seconds of the video.

So is the beautiful model, conductive, Chef and former actress of adult films appeared in the video singing and walking in front of the professional video camera.

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We can see this a few minutes before the video came out thanks to the fact that Khalifa He shared on his Tik Tok that he was in the camper just before the recording, when he met the set of clothes he had to use for the video.

In case you did not know Bella Poarch She started making videos on the Tik Tok platform, making some cute and funny faces in front of her cell phone camera, getting to be one of the most viewed content creators of that platform in all history and with the most likes.

Thanks to all this great success, the young woman began to collaborate with various musicians and to start creating her own musical content, which she is promoting now with this incredible video that shows that it had a lot of production and money invested.

In the video we can see how there is a line of men formed in what seems to be an establishment where you can arm the perfect woman at the time of your dreams.

Between the fact that you choose the height, your face, your skin-colored hair and everything you need to have your tastes completely, you can see that there is a factory underneath, where the procedure is being performed.

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The moment we see the famous TikToker we can realize that she does not agree with what is happening and begins to be rebellious in terms of her process destroying the machines and freeing her companions from the place

That’s when at the end of the video we can see Mía Khalifa walking with her like all professional models with quite attractive outfits that completely shocked the Internet.

The video so far has managed to be reproduced more than 8,900,000 times being released only 15 hours ago and obtaining more than 1.3 million likes, exorbitant numbers and subscribers have grown Incredibly to 781,000 just a few hours.

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