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Mia Khalifa and the story behind the most watched woman in the world

What began as a prank, with which he felt sexy “for the first time in his life” it became an unstoppable phenomenon, it got out of hand.

“I was not afraid of ISIS. It was jarring. But he did not live in fear (…) It was more than living in shame, ”the young man revealed to the Washington Post.

When the value paid to Mia Kalifa for the eleven pornographic videos was known, The criticisms of a porn industry, one of the most fruitful in the world, did not wait. No matter how many views each video gets or how many times its content is resold, the company is the only one that continues to profit from its scenes, actors do not get royalties.

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In an attempt to distance himself from his career as a porn star while keeping the name, Khalifa’s motto on social media is “respect rebranding.” She has gained great sympathy from the TikTok community, initiating a petition for BangBros to remove the scenes she was paid for.

Khalifa states that the company uses the scenes to mislead consumers into believing that it has returned to porn.

Although Khalifa now dedicates himself to his social networks and sports commentator, heShe still feels haunted by her past, so through TikTok she advances a petition titled “Justice for Mia Khalifa”, that has already obtained more than 1.6 million signatures, in order for its videos to be deleted from the internet.

“It feels like being trapped in quicksand,” she said. “There are still millions of people who think that I have done nothing but pornography for the last five years.”

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The petition also calls for Khalifa’s domain names to be returned and that in addition to having his videos removed, “they be fairly discussed in court without putting Mia Khalifa in deep financial ruin.”


It is what it was

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In a viral video two weeks ago, Khalifa wrote: “That hourly dissociative attack, of remembering the single impression of hundreds of millions of people on you, is based solely on the lowest, most toxic, most unusual three months of your life when you were 21 “.

“All I want is for people to stop seeing me naked,” she said.

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