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Mia Khalifa appears only interiors below! in flirty photo

Again the beautiful model from Beirut, Lebanon Mia Khalifa, who nowadays resides in the United States, has surprised her fans thanks to a post she shared where she is wearing only one interior at the bottom.

On this occasion, the beautiful celebrity of social networks, left her charms a little exposed in front of the mirror in this flirty photo.

Being in a room that would surely be his, posing in front of the mirror while looking very flirtatious, especially because of the question he asked his followers.

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This publication was shared in a fan account of Mia Khalifa herself, where they were asked or rather invited to guess how old she was in said photograph, it was on May 1, 2020 when it was shared.

Despite the fact that the account compared to Khalifa who has more than 25 million followers, has relatively few, immediately the users who saw the image began to react.

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It is impressive to see the reactions that this beauty provokes, whether she herself publishes her own content or, failing that, as on this occasion, it is shared by other people through these fan accounts.


Khalifa was wearing only the lower part of his interiors, these are curiously green, but a quite striking tone, it has some letters stamped that due to the small and remote it is not possible to distinguish what it says.

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As for the upper part, he was not wearing anything, however he decided to cover himself a little with both hands, it is more than evident that he could not cover himself completely, it could be said that only the essentials, despite not teaching too much, was something that fascinated them. Internet users who managed to see said image.

So far it has 5,462 red hearts, although it is a small number with almost a hundred thousand followers it is something significant.

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Some Internet users commented that he was between 18 and 22 years old in that photograph, when he began his career in film for adults he was approximately 21 years old, so surely this comment would not be far from reality.

Despite the fact that she retired in a short period of time, Mia Khalifa maintained her popularity, which only managed to increase exponentially.

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