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Mia Khalifa becomes trend in Cuba, after her request for help for the island

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Cubans have trended in Cuba the label Thanks Mia (gracias Mia), as a sign of gratitude to the adult film actress, who joined the call for help for the island in the midst of the health crisis facing the Greater Antilles.

With a series of tweets the young influencer Mia Khalifa began trying to know ways to send donations to Cuba, expressed solidarity with Cuban civil society and also denounced the designated ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel.

“Where can we find donations organized to help Cuba? Searching through the hashtag #SOScuba but I haven’t had any luck.”

“@DiazCanelB, you suck”

“My God, we call the Lebanese president ‘Bay el Khara’. Cubans and Lebanese have a lot in common! Corrupt leadership and U.S. sanctions that do not harm corrupt leaders, but innocent civilians.”

Also trends were #SosCuba and SosMatanzas two labels that have been used by Cubans to show hundreds of stories of the current pandemic crisis.

Stories of the horror that the West Indians are experiencing flood social media, as the island’s regime claims it is an opportunistic campaign by the opposition to detract from the government’s work.

However, the Ministry of Health’s own figures show the lack of control in dealing with the epidemic; this day, Cuba went from reporting more than 3 thousand daily cases to announcing today 6422 cases of COVID19 and 28 deaths.

Also today, a young Cuban doctor took to social media with an urgent request to the World Health Organization.

Luis Angel Adan Roble, who identifies himself as an Intern in Internal Medicine at Freyre de Andrade Hospital in the Cuban capital, is categorical in his claim: “We do nothing with the country’s top leaders being at the epicenter when doctors do not have the resources to work, they become mere decorative figures, even possible contagions.”

He also leaves the list of essential inputs for the work of his colleagues and himself:

“They need: Mechanical Ventilators, Broad Spectrum Antibiotics, Systemic Steroids, Antipyretics, Sedatives and Relaxants for intubated patients, 1ml syringes to continue vaccination, Protective Material, and any resources they can provide.”

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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