Mia Khalifa burst into tears after the girl insulted her

Misadventures for My Khalifa. The former adult star (that’s why she left that world) was actually insulted by a fan girl who she refused a photo because she had a business meeting.

I was at a business meeting in London and I was there with a company I had just signed with,” he told American YouTuber Anthony Padilla in 2020. There were two men in charge of the company and my manager at the time. We were sitting and celebrating that we just had a great press tour for a project we were working on and this guy and his girlfriend came up to me.

Then the boy approached her and asked to be photographed, but she refused, as she was talking and eating. There Khalifa she admitted that she paid little attention to the boy and refused him “a little rough waybut added:

It was also very rude of him to introduce himself to someone who was in the middle of a conversation. Then his girlfriend said, “I told you it wasn’t her. There is not enough sperm on her face. Let’s go, darling.”

And it really struck My Khalifa pretty hard.

I went to the bathroom and cried. I didn’t really know how to deal with it, especially since it was from a woman, and especially since I was there on business. The meeting I had at the time had nothing to do with the adult industry. I thought this awkward meeting might end her hopes of working for the company again.

He ended up continuing to work with them and said that managers also have “tried to comfort her later.”

However, this is not the only time something like this happens to her. Moving forward in the interview, My Khalifa claimed that people have it “chased her car” AND “They took her by the hand” while in places like the supermarket. And when he tells them “not polite” they often become aggressive and call her derogatory names.

She recalled another time when she and her ex-husband were waiting at the airport to get their passport stamped and someone approached her to ask for a photo. Whereupon she politely refused, as it were “just got off a 15 hour flight” He then yelled at her and cursed her in front of the entire queue.

My husband and I were standing in line there, there were 20 people in front of us, good, ”Khalifa said.

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