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Mia Khalifa causes controversy over a tweet with a Nazi reference

Photo: Twitter @miakhalifa

His post on Twitter was criticized as he spoke about Israeli apartheid drinking a Nazi-era wine.

The former adult film actress, Mia khalifa, causes controversy again due to a tweet in which he is seen drinking wine and making reference to apartheid in Israel.

In recent weeks, the native of Lebanon has been characterized by her anti-Israel messages since the conflict between the Gaza Strip and Israel began.

In the tweet you can read. “My wine is older than its apartheid ‘state’.”

In the midst of the controversy the Israeli writer, Hen Mazzig This tweet reproached him, mentioning that he was drinking a wine made in France in 1943, the year in which the Nazis occupied that country.

“I’m glad you found the perfect match for your anti-Semitism!”, You can read in the publication that reached more than 12 thousand likes.

Other responses the former porn industry actress received was about the meaning of defending Gaza when drinking wine and the porn industry are illegal in that place.

After this publication and the reaction of different media, the now businesswoman responded to a tweet from the New York Post listening to Edith piaf referring to the fact that he was listening to music from the “Nazi era”.


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