Mia Khalifa divorced and unleashed chaos Why did she have to block her followers?

Surely many people around the world know Mia Khalifa, 28, internationally became known for being an adult film actress, however she retired and currently made her way as an influencer, sports commentator and broadcaster, creating content of her day-to-day life.

Recently Mia Khalifa announced through social networks her divorce after 2 years in marriage, however she never imagined that a madness would be unleashed: on the one hand, many people wrote her messages of support and solidarity. But apparently not everyone had the same intention, as the influencer complained about the drastic measures she had to take such as blocking people after her breakup, for harassment and ridicule.

Tweet, from the harassing messages received by Mia Kahlifa

“My lock button has never exercised more,” he wrote of a tweet wondering how many direct messages he received when announcing his singleness.

She also included in her message that she had no more faith in humanity, perhaps because they only see her as a sexual being and feel that they do not respect her pain, she surely wants to spend some time alone and rest from relationships, but apparently not everyone thinks the same, but her dear followers supported her with several messages of comfort.

Some of the messages he showed were very rare and not at all convenient: “Queen, I’m sorry it didn’t work. If you ever feel like a trip to Spain, send me a text message, I know the country like the back of my hand.”

Divorce from Mia Khalifa

She shared that for more than a year she and her partner went to therapy to try to save their marriage, this speaks to the commitment that existed between the two to get their relationship afloat, but unfortunately it could not be and the solution was to take different paths.

Instagram post, announcing the breakup of Mia Khalifa's marriage

“We will always love and respect each other because we know that not an isolated incident caused our separation, but the culmination of unsolvable fundamental differences for which no one can blame the other. We are closing this chapter without regrets and starting ours, separately, but connected through an amazing family, friends and our love for our dogs.”

This was the publication with which she announced her breakup on social networks, which surely after receiving messages to have dates with other people are not making her feel good.


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