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Mia Khalifa from behind with micro lace among her charms

Despite the fact that today Mia Khalifa is the owner of a exquisite figure, Her charms and others have always been adorable and flirtatious, so much so that when she had a little more volume she looked just as beautiful, especially when her lace garments were lost among her charms.

Over the years, Mia’s popularity and fame has grown like foam, despite the fact that she retired from the film industry, many Internet users continue to search for her videos, so this image of the Lebanese flirt continues in force.

The same thing happened in what according to his followers is one of the photos of Mia khailfa more striking and flirtatious, despite the fact that her face does not appear.

While the exotic social media celebrity and ex actress of the most searched-for-adult cinema on Google was posing in said photo, his fans decided to take the image and share it on another Instagram account.

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Being this one of the photos that has attracted the most attention, because her later charms can be seen in the foreground, the model, businesswoman and now also a swimsuit designer wears a black lace set.

The pose she is in allows her to see her charms in the foreground, in addition to the lower piece that is lost among her charms precisely being not only tiny but also somewhat short because it barely reaches her hips.

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As for the upper part, it seems to be wearing a corset, this fits in the back like any other piece of this style, surely some fans would be a little susceptible to know if it is actually the beautiful model.


The doubts are immediately cleared up because there is a quick way to identify the beautiful model despite the fact that her huge charms Superiors and face are not visible, maybe you already thought about it, we are talking about his tattoos.

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Although in the image she still had few, today she has already made several, thanks to them it is easy to know that she is Mia Khalifa, something that also hid her figure a bit was a black bar that had the image right in the middle of it, where he mentioned “good night”.

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The publication of this 28-year-old beauty was shared on Instagram, in a fan account on February 20, 2020.

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