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Mia Khalifa leaves charms in sight with tight swimsuit

With a mike Swimwear the beautiful and flirty Mia Khalifa shared a new Photo Through his Instagram stories where he appears again wearing part of his collection of swimsuits.

For a few days now, this well-known celebrity of Lebanese origin has been sharing content related to her new collection in collaboration with an important brand that is exclusively dedicated to this type of garment.

According to Seven Swim, brand with which Mia khalifa She collaborated for some time, since she herself mentioned that she had been working hard, they were in total 4 designs that they launched.

Now in addition to being a famous and successful model, actress and businesswoman Khalifa decided to venture into the world of fashion design, in this case of beach swimsuits.

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Surely this despite being her first collaboration, soon other companies will start looking for her to work with her.

In her photo she is wearing the crossed green design with plant print in yellow tones and greens that are even lighter than the base of the fabric with which they were made, this swimsuit has some strips that cross at her waist and below her huge charms.


Surely more than one of the clients who purchase this particular piece, could vary the way of using it and highlight another part of their body with the arrangement of these long strips.

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Mia wanted to create a top that was supportive, sexy, adjustable and showed the perfect amount of cleavage, well I’m proud to say that we accomplished that mission with the muse, “Seven Swim.

The original photo was shared by the brand and in turn Khalifa reproduced it in his stories, to take advantage of and do double promotion, not only to his clothes but also to the brand where precisely who is selling them.

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Despite the fact that the image that Khalifa shared has some letters almost right in the middle, his charms continued to be the protagonists of the publication, it is difficult not to see them immediately, especially when he wears this type of garment that captivates and makes the pupil fall in love.

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Something that undoubtedly also caught the eye, was the fact that in the upper part precisely what we see in the photo, Mia Khalifa is wearing only a small piece of fabric in each of her charms, and despite them they look perfectly adjusted.

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