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Mia Khalifa: This is the Top 5 hot photos you have uploaded to your Instagram

Although currently the sportscaster, Mine Khalifa She is very talented, there are moments when she remembers her dark past as a porn actress a bit and in fact, it is known that in her account of OnlyFans She usually uploads somewhat risque content, with which she pampers her fans and at the same time prevents Instagram from blocking her.

Mia khalifa She is a Lebanese model who began her career in adult cinema, however, she later left it and became a sports commentator, after conquering social networks with actually quite healthy content. She defends the fight against the exploitation of women and has a full-time job as an accountant.

Khalifa owns two dogs and lives with her boyfriend, the chef Robert Sandberg. However, although everything seems very ordinary and cute, what Mia knows how to do very well is raise the temperature of social networks and in the middle of her day to day, sometimes she also uploads some sensual photos to her Instagram, that’s why today we present you The 5 most erotic photographs of Mia Khalifa’s Instagram.

1-Mia posing in pink

Although this looks like a completely innocent photo and throwing at the aerobics of the 80s, the truth is that Khalifa wears that set with a singular naturalness, where he shows only what is necessary, which makes him completely erotic thanks to accessories such as his white stockings.

Mia modeled for Gucci. Photo: Instagram

2- Your Capitals T-shirt

The truth is that there are few things sexier than a baggy shirt and Mia knows it, so this time she posed for the camera with her lenses and only this shirt, she was also flooded with likes and comments where they praised her to death. In addition, his glasses give him a very hot touch.

He is now a sportscaster. Photo: Instagram

3- Together with her husband

Mia is not afraid to show how intense her relationship with her husband is. Many would like to be in his place and in fact sometimes he lets himself be seen with him a bit hot, as in this photo.

Passion is never lacking. Photo: Instagram

4- This photo while exercising

To have the body that is charged, you have to do a lot of exercise and thus maintain it. But this photo sure gave thousands of “Good morning” to his followers, it is incredibly sexy, with a touch of rudeness for his military outfit.

Mia is always in shape. Photo: Instagram

5-Mirror, Mirror

Neither Snow White, neither NOBODY she could look better in this environment than Mia Khalifa and that is why she deserves the kingdoms that she wants. Because it even takes the trouble to clarify in the description of the image, that it is a photo for adults.

“Tell me who is the most beautiful in the kingdom.” Photo: Instagram

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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