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Mia Khalifa uploads Tik Tok humming “Dákiti” from Bad Bunny

Mia Khalifa is breaking it on her Tik Tok account thanks to a video where she was asked to speak in Spanish, to which she agreed in the best possible way: Humming one of bad bunny’s theme shots!

It so happens that one of his followers sent him a question that read: “I need to hear your voice in Spanish, please.”

Kindly, as the actress has always been characterized in her networks, she agreed to the request by reciting the following words: “Baby I already found out, it shows when you see me”. Sound familiar? Sure, it’s “Dákiti”! The song of Bad Bunny with Jhay Cortez.

@miakhalifaReply to @elisarv0_0 I’ll bring the chelas♬ original sound – Mia Khalifa

And so he continued to say his lyrics to end with an effusive “If we do not let ourselves be seen”. This record delighted the followers of Mia Khalifa, since it totals more than 31 million views, with 4 million likes and almost 70 thousand comments.

Mia Khalifa and Dákiti go hand in hand

This is not the first time that Mia Khalifa has shown her admiration for Bad Bunny and, in particular, for “Dákiti”. In fact, in April of this year she shared some videos where she claimed that she was learning Spanish thanks to the song of the Bad Rabbit, all so that later she could better enjoy a recital of hers.

@miakhalifaIF I can get tickets 🥲😭♬ DÁKITI – Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez

He even later uploaded some videos where he sings that song at full blast.

It should be remembered that Mia Khalifa is a very active user on Tik Tok, so much so that she recently made news for a video where she apologized for the situation of a young woman, who accuses having been sexualized as a child for only wearing glasses.

However, the support he received was greater, so much so that they trended a hashtag that made it clear that this was not his fault.

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