Mia Khalifa videotape for song “In My Room”

Again surprised his followers the flirtatuous and voluptuous model and actress Mia Khalifa who shared a photo from one of the scenes in the official video of “In my room“, where she was recording herself.

A few days ago this song was released on Youtube and again Mia Khalifa it caused a stir thanks to her participation in it, just as she did with Bella Poarch recently.

In this scene Mia Khalifa is lying on the bed on her back, she is holding a video camera, if you already had the opportunity to see “In My Room” you will remember that she recorded her face and it appeared on television.

The photo shared by the beautiful Instagram celebrity was through his Twitter account, he also wrote a part of the lyrics of the song:

It’s not the same here if you’re not in my room.”

Khalifa was wearing a black top with suspenders that let his cute and cute looks out a little bit. huge charms in plain sight, only the shadow of the image disguises them a little, but by paying a little attention surely more than one of his fans will be delighted to have paid attention to detail.


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