Michael B. Jordan ready? The future of Rainbow Six has been revealed!

Action and thriller fans have been waiting with bated breath for months! An adaptation of Tom Clancy’s bestseller Rainbow Six was on the way. The hype is heating up, and the director’s statement further fueled the anticipation: none other than the genius of action choreography Chad Stahelski, known from the popular TV series John Wick. And who else could play the character of John Clark than the talented Michael B. Jordan, whose return as an agent was announced after the triumph of “No Remorse” in 2021?

However, there is one problem that overshadows this promising project. Chad Stahelski recently shared important details about the current state of Rainbow Six and, unfortunately, it looks like the movie has stalled due to the ongoing strikes. Stahelski expressed his eagerness to collaborate with Michael B. Jordan on this cinematic project. But for now, fans will have to wait patiently for things to calm down for the project to resume showing on the big screen.

Chad Stahelski, choreographer and genius of Michael B. Jordan!

A new virtuoso has appeared in the world of action movies, and his name is Chad Stahelski. This director has redefined the standards of cinematic action with his uncanny ability to create breathtaking and realistic action scenes.

Before taking over the director’s chair, Stahelski acted as a stuntman in numerous blockbuster films, earning a solid reputation for his exceptional stunt and action skills.

His directing career exploded with the release in 2014 of the first film in the John Wick franchise, an action masterpiece that wowed audiences with Stahelski’s trademark style and Keanu Reeves’ stunning performance. Since then, Stahelski has directed John Wick sequels, solidifying his position as a leading actor.

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