Michael Chavez brings The Nun to 1950s France!

Creator-director Demon Nun reveals the details of the new chapter of the horror franchise!

Michael Chavez, born in 1984, is a very influential character in the horror realm of recent years. In fact, as of 2019, he has gone on to direct highly regarded horror feature films such as “La Lorona – Tears of Evil“, AND “Spell – By order of the devilยป the sixth and eighth parts of the franchise spell. The director, who in 2019 directed, among other things, the video for Billie Eilish’s “Bury a Friend”, reveals some details of his new work”Nun II“! In fact, there are always two chapters in the universe of the horror saga Nunsort of a spin-off that reveals hitherto hidden details about some of the franchise’s main characters.

Written Akela Cooper, Jan Goldberg AND Richard Naing, Nun II – the long-awaited film of fans of the saga “The Conjuring”. According to director Michael Chavez, the film is inspired by important sacred monsters of the genre, such as Diabolic AND Dracula, both unforgettable Bram Stoker. However, his main source of inspiration is photographs of France in the 1950s.

Director Michael Chavez reveals the details of the new chapter of the horror franchise!

According to Hollywood ReporterThe director and his staff studied hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of 1950s France with the intention of reproducing them on the big screen with the highest possible level of realism. But photography is the real passion of Chavez, who considers photography to be real pieces of history with great creative potential. In fact, he claims that he is tired of referring to and being inspired only by old films and being inspired by them, but that he increasingly wants to be guided and influenced by old photographs, which he feels are too underappreciated.

Nun 2

New Line Cinema, Atomic Monster, Safran Company

So, according to the director’s will, the second chapter about the demonic nun will be devoted to France in 1956 with all the features of that time. Here, Taissa Farmigathe main actress she plays Sister Irene, will have to face an unpleasant discovery upon learning the news of the mysterious death of a priest. While Akela Cooper, Ian Goldberg, and Richard Naing wrote the script, character design was commissioned James Wan AND Gary Doberman. The film will be released in cinemas in Italy from September 6, 2023, produced by New Line Cinemafromatomic monster and from Safran Company.

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