Michael Jordan and J. Balvin had an uncomfortable moment in NASCAR

Michael Jordan and J. Balvin They met at a NASCAR race in Bristol. However, before exchanging greetings, the singer and the former basketball player experienced an uncomfortable moment with “His Majesty’s” bodyguard.

all this happened Michael Jordan I walked around the track. J.Barvin He wanted to approach him and say hello, as they had a good relationship over different collaborations with the “Air Jordan” tennis brand.

Problems arise when you are a bodyguard Michael Jordan He didn’t recognize the Colombian singer and thought he was close to a fan of the former Chicago Bulls star, so he reacted by deleting him.

However, Michael Jordan touched the bodyguard’s shoulder and said everything was fine and that he could say hello and give him a hug. J Balvin, He has a good relationship with him, as the singer collaborated with Nike and the former basketball player on a tennis silhouette.

Michael Jordan’s bodyguard doesn’t know J. Balvin, so ex-Bulls player asks him to leave him

J Balvin excited to join NASCAR

Through his official Instagram account, J.Barvin He shared a publication in which he appeared alongside the NBA legend and reported that he had joined NASCAR to form a team.

“I am honored to have people by my side that I have always admired and to see today that we are a team, we are friends, we are ambassadors for Medellin Sunset, in my own car, NASCAR! Never stop dreaming And work hard to get there. Thank you Jordan, thank you Taylor,” he wrote J. Balvin.

Michael Jordan beats Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry He was invited to appear on the famous Gil Arena Show podcast and declared himself the best point guard the NBA has ever seen.

“Are you the best point guard/point guard of all time?”, he replied forcefully “Yes, I am.” The argument was between me and Magic, right? That’s the best conversation to have,” the chef revealed.

Curry’s comments reverberated across the United States, reaching the ears of the former NBA and Chicago Bulls figure. Michael Jordan, He ruled out the possibility that Stephen Curry is the best point guard in history and guaranteed that title belongs to Los Angeles Lakers legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

“Good morning sir. While the best of everything is always up for debate, I disagree with you about the greatest point guard of all time. Magic Johnson is undoubtedly the greatest point guard of all time. ” Stephen Curry was very close, but not against the Magic,” Jordan said in a message to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

“Magic Johnson is the best. We can go on, but I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I know you get it. By the way, the Magic have five NBA championships.” MJ added.

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