Michael Jordan becomes first athlete to enter Forbes 400, worth $3 billion

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has been retired for 20 years.However continues to generate significant capital from its large and smart investments Since his playing days.

These investments have placed him at the top of the list of top earning athletes year after year. But recently, the winner of six NBA championship rings, He entered a club that no other athlete had reached before.

On Tuesday, “Forbes” revealed that Jordan He became the first athlete to enter the list of the 400 richest people in the world. Has a legacy of $3 billion.

Michael Jordan as a Chicago Bulls player/Brian Bahr Allsport

Jordan played 16 seasons in the NBA. During this time, he amassed a fortune of $94 million from his salary as a player.. Mike’s biggest expense, however, was off the field.

Endorsement deals with major brands such as McDonald’s, Gatorade, and Hengshi have brought huge revenue to GOAT. But without a doubt, the crown jewel is Nike.Well, former player from Jordan’s team Get 5% of merchandise sold on footwear and apparel.

Jordan also recently sold the Charlotte Hornets NBA team for $3 billion. It’s a good deal for Mike, since he only paid $275 million for it in 2010.

Jordan’s smart moves made him one of the most prolific athletes, and now, One of Forbes 400 millionaires. In fact, Mike, LeBron James, and Tiger Woods are the only living millionaire athletes.

With his huge wealth, Jordan He is ranked 379th on Forbes magazine’s 400 Most Millionaires And the only one to do it as an athlete. Elon Musk tops the list with a fortune of $251 billion. Jeff Bezos follows with $161 billion, and Larry Ellison follows with $158 billion.

Jordan, businessman

Amazingly, Jordan was successful at almost everything he did.First of all as a player, well He is undoubtedly the best in history. Later he achieved many successes as a businessman.

“Michael is one of the few guys who’s had it three times,” Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis told Forbes. Leonsis also has investments with Jordan and analyzed: “Many entrepreneurs only do it once. They hit it big, take their winnings, then fold, and then we never hear from them again, or they try something a second time and it doesn’t work out. He’s already had three hit songs”referring to Mike’s success as a player, owner and his Nike Air Jordan brand.

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