Michael Jordan defends J Balvin from a bodyguard

In the final NASCAR race, Colombian singer J Balvin meets NBA legend Michael JordanBut in addition to the crossover between the two stars on the Internet, it also attracted more attention The reaction of the American bodyguard who was about to take this compatriot away from Jordan.

The moment the former basketball player came into contact with the Colombian artist and his security team was captured on camera amid the media, paparazzi and other celebrities attending the car event.

Michael Jordan’s bodyguard didn’t recognize J. Belvin

A bodyguard didn’t know Balvin and wanted to ‘scare’ Balvin away; He waved to Jordan, apparently telling him to get out of where he was, but Jordan calmed him down.

Immediately afterwards, the two hugged each other tightly, making no secret of their joy at meeting and sharing the moment.

J. Balvin, for his part, happily shared a post on his Instagram account after moving in with the basketball player, in which he admitted all his admiration for the former Chicago Bulls player.

“I am honored to have people by my side that I have always admired and to see today that we are a team, we are friends, we are ambassadors for Medellin Sunset and I drive my own car in a NASCAR race!”

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