Michael Jordan meets J Balvin and has to stop at his safety: They don’t know the partner

arrive Although Some Colombians criticized J Balvin for not speaking out on some social and political issues, the artist continues to show that there is no need to venture into these realms to transcend.Reflecting this are the current representatives of the urban genre He will enter the world of American motorsports, alongside the great Michael Jordan.

Everything gets official at the “Bristol Motor Speedway” event in Bristol (USA), where The two celebrities met and experienced an awkward moment with one of the bodyguards Former NBA player. But beyond that, the big deal was the announcement of Balvin and Jordan as NASCAR “23XI Racing” ambassadors.

What happened to J. Balvin, Michael Jordan and a bodyguard?

Before taking official photos from the event and showcasing this new collaboration, Michael Jordan was taking a stroll surrounded by his castmates and security team. Although the Americans smiled happily and went to the Colombians for hugs, One of his bodyguards did not recognize the artist.

As Balvin approached to greet the former basketball player, “Jordan’s” security jumped out to prevent contact. Apparently the conversation started when he felt his apprentice’s arms pull him apart and then hugged the man. Singing popular music songs such as “Mi ente”, “Poblado”, “Ay Vamos”, “Ginza”.

Many people recorded this moment J.Barvin and Michael Jordan, but reggaeton player Yandel is the hottest one because of his proximity to the reggaeton player born in Medellín (Colombia). That’s why he left a message in his honor: “I saw this and I really liked it! I’m a fan of people who earn respect!”.

J. Balvin and Michael Jordan are friends and partners from all walks of life

Although famous Air Jordans are from the Nike brand and they are designed to commemorate basketball players He also gets his share of the profits from the use of his name and Michael’s iconic dunk silhouette.Excellent Balvin also started to profit from these sneakers Being one of those who have their own references to these sneakers, these sneakers have become a luxury item in recent years.

As a result of this approach and business relationship, the two began to develop a close and trusting relationship, so much so that they expanded this partnership and now both will have their respective representatives emblazoned on the “23XI Racing” team’s uniforms and race cars. Sex Icon, this one driven by Tyler Reddick.

so J Balvin celebrated this on his social media profilesHighlighting the friendship and closeness with the basketball legend, he mentioned that the colors of the car and uniforms represent the colors of his hometown:

“yes I feel privileged to have people by my side that I have always admired and to see today that we are a team., we are friends and we are ambassadors for Medellin Sunset in my own car in NASCAR. Never stop dreaming and working hard to achieve your goals. Thanks, Jordan.Thanks, Tyler Reddick


Finally, the driver of this car now sports Michael Jordan and J.BarvinThe final ranking was 15th, adding 28 points to the standings and ranking eighth in the overall season standings.

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