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Tito Horford’s bonus after his high school basketball career was so high that even Michael Jordan himself wanted him on his team.

The former player revealed the news during the La Hora del Deporte show hosted by Hector Cruz and Alex Luna.

“When Jordan came to this country to play (in 1983, during the national team’s training trip to the Pan American Games in Caracas), he and Sam Perkins both told me that they would talk to their coach (Dean Smith) to recruit me to play at the University of North Carolina,” Horford said.

Tito was unable to play against the United States as he was preparing to attend a game at the World Youth Championship in Palma, Spain.

“Jordan is a very passionate player, very competitive and he doesn’t like losing,” the Dominican Sports Hall of Famer added.

The World Cup continues

He believes that the Dominican team performed very well in the last World Cup.

“Winning three games at the World Cup, not all countries can do that. I really think he’s done a great job,” he declared.

He did not want to mention the reason for his son Al’s absence from the national team because he considered it a “personal and confidential” matter.

He said the German team, which defeated Serbia in the gold medal game, knew how to handle themselves and remained consistent throughout the match.

Tito continues to work for the NBA in the NBA Cares program along with other former Milwaukee Bucks players, who drafted him in 1988.

“Too late, rookie”

That’s what Larry Bird told him before he drained a 3-pointer over a seven-foot defender in Game 2 of the league.

with miami

After encountering problems with the recruiting process at Houston and LSU, he was eventually admitted to the University of Miami.

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