Michael Jordan’s “Creed Poem”

The actor confirmed the development of the fourth installment of the saga.

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After the successful premiere of the long-awaited third installment of “Tenet” starring and directed by Michael B. Release year, as long as the writers strike, Hollywood actors allow this.

While expectations were high for Tenet III, some fans of the boxing series were unhappy with Sylvester Stallone’s absence, given its modest success at the box office (raising nearly $275 million). Stallone has delivered brilliant success. Rocky Balboa comes to life in the novel.

Last year, Stallone was disappointed and upset with Charles Winkler and David Winkler, the sons of director Irving Winkler — a huge part of the franchise — who were behind Creed 3. And the two also confirmed that a “Rocky” spinoff will focus on the role of Ivan Drago without the consent of veteran Hollywood actors.

The translator of the Adonis Creed was fully interested in the legend

For Michael B. Jordan, however, this could be an opportunity to continue expanding the Tenet universe with new characters. What’s new, aside from the controversy between Stallone and the Winklers, is that the interpreters of “Adonis Creed” are fully interested in the saga and have taken over the production and direction of “Creed IV.”

BEVERLY HILLS, LOS ANGELES, CA, USA – NOVEMBER 4: The 22nd Annual Hollywood Film Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA on November 4, 2018. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency).

“I’m just trying to expand on the Tenet poems within reason, but I’m definitely looking forward to other things around Tenet,” B. Jordan explained in his presentation at the IGN Fan Festival.

The news has fans of Rocky and Tenet excited, but it’s not all that the 36-year-old actor was expecting, as according to him, there’s a chance they could go ahead with the production if things continue to go well. A new spin-off series that further explores the legendary characters.Image: Course



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