Michael Jordan’s former teammate weighs in on LeBron James comparison

Another day, another Michael Jordan/LeBron James comparison. This time around, Jordan’s former Sixth Man star Toni Kukoc weighed in on the debate with a balanced and relatively reasonable point of view – not a phrase often used in these discussions.

as part of wider reactionKukoc said: “It’s difficult to compare players who have never played in the same era; they have never played against each other… Michael clearly took world basketball to another level.” From that point on, LeBron is who he is now because he gave Luka the chance to be Luka or Jokic to be Jokic. “

Kukoc further elaborated on the fact that modern players have more access to information on how to prepare, recover from injuries, diet, etc. Yet, in their own time, Jordan — or, by extension, guys like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Bill Russell — were “so dominant… they knew basketball like the back of their hands.”

Toni Kukoc, of course, played for the Bulls from 1993 to 2000 and played in every championship game during the team’s second three-peat. During that time, he became a valuable teammate to Jordan, Pippen and others, and won the Sixth Man of the Year award during the 1996 championship season.

Despite his success with Michael Jordan, Toni Kukoc seems to be reserving a holistic view of the “GOAT” controversy. Usually, this view of former players is heavily dependent on the era they played for, but that’s not the case with Kukoc. There are a dozen or so of these points, and they rarely add much value to the debate, but Kukoc offered a relatively thoughtful response.

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