Michael Keaton’s Batman was considered the “Nick Fury of the DC Universe” with Ben Affleck taking on the role of Mentor instead!

Here are Warner Bros.’s early plans for Michael Keaton’s Batman, who will have a mentor role from Ben Affleck’s version.

During a lengthy discussion, THR reiterated Warner Bros.’s early plans for Michael Keaton’s Batman, which we recently saw in The Flash.

glitter It was actually born under the direction of Walter Hamada, the former president of DC Films. Under his leadership, Hamada wanted to use the film to do a major reset of the entire DC Cinematic Universe, similar to what Zack Snyder had created a decade earlier with Man of Steel.

Hamada already had The Flash sequel in mind, which eventually culminated in the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The film’s first ending, which would have been shot entirely during principal photography, would have included super girl Of Sasha Calle And batman Of Michael Keaton Outside the courtroom after Barry’s father’s trial. The latter may not have reset the timeline countless times, but DC would have managed to find a way to bring both Supergirl and Batman back to life, creating a new timeline of the Extended Universe.

As revealed from various sites in the area, Michael Keaton has signed a deal with DC to play Batman in multiple films.with a roleas a guardian“Compared to Nick Fury in the mcu.

In addition to an ever-evolving film inspired by Batman Beyond (written by the same writer as The Flash), Keaton has already shot his scenes for the now-defunct film. bat girlwhere he would have helped in the fight against the hero fireflymaking her dress with her bat girl,

Michael Keaton

This was followed by a merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, after which Walter Hamada and the CEO were fired. david zaslav Initiated a search for a new executive to manage Eddycommissioning Michael Deluca And pamela abdThe two presidents of Warner Bros. Pictures, to temporarily oversee the company.

Even if he had the role of “ferryman”, both officers authorized the withdrawal. Henry Cavill As Superman driven by the pressures of Dwayne Johnson (A controversial choice, as he did not wait for the new DC president to arrive).

Also, agreed to update the ending of both glitterShooting with a view to September 2022 Bruce Wayne Of Michael Keaton, super girl Of Sasha Calle Together Henry Cavill As Superman And wonder woman Of girl gadot Outside the courtroom where Barry Allen’s father was on trial.

In this case the plans were well established and acne Keaton to play same “mentor” role despite Batgirl’s cancellation…but there was a twist that changed everything!

In November, David Zaslav announced that he had chosen james gunn And Peter Safran to manage the whole of DC… and the two had a completely different plan than the executives at Warner Bros. Pictures imagined, which is why they scrapped everything, even ending But his hands were also touched. glitter,

knowing they had to reboot DC, Gun And saffron He thought that the presence Henry Cavill and of girl gadot By deciding to cancel it, it would have risked compromising its plans and confusing the public.

As a result, the film is wrapping up in January this year. George Clooney Like Batman, which inevitably confused many viewers.

Given that James Gunn will be choosing a new Batman for his DC universe, Keaton’s adventure certainly seems to have taken off… but, as explained by the director himself, Anything is possible with the multiverse.

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