Michael Keaton’s return leaves fans wondering which Batman is stronger

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Michael Keaton returns as Batman in Andy Muschietti’s film glitter The Dark Knight has fans awoken and has them wondering on Reddit which version of Keaton, Affleck, and Bale will emerge victorious in the final battle between the three. Judging by the outcome of the discussion, the answer would seem obvious.

The new film with Ezra Miller is proving so disappointing at the box office that Fandango has had to substitute promotion for The Flash, but, despite low revenues, The nostalgic nature of the multiverse created by DC There have been many discussions among fans of the heroes from Superman’s house.

One of the more relevant issues the public is raising One Final Battle Between Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale’s Batman,
Despite the great physicality shown by Bale in the Nolan trilogy and the iconicity of the character presented Tim Burton Its adaptation, at least in this sense, appears to be a fan favorite. ben affleck Considered by the vast majority to be the favorite for the potential Bat Battle.

The reasons put forward in favor of the hero presented by the husband of Jennifer Lopez include the fact that Named the only Batman to face SupermanBy winning, among other things, he appears to be the fastest and physically fittest of the three.
Batman starring by was left out of the discussion Robert PattinsonBut, given the character’s young age in the latest cinematic avatar, he might not have found the same success as the protagonist. dare the devil,

Do you also think there will be no chance for another Batman? Speaking of the masked hero, we leave you with the news that production on The Batman 2 should begin shortly.

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