Michael Mann confirms talks with Adam Driver, hoping to make a sequel

Michael Mann wants Adam Driver to play Robert De Niro in ‘The Hit’ sequel

Oscar-nominated director Michael Mann confirms talks between him and the actor Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Adam Driverregarding Neil McCauley’s role in a potential project Heat – Challenge 2. Speaking to Variety, Mann told Variety that the sequel, which will be based on last year’s novel co-written by Mann and writer Meg Gardiner, is a project the director hopes to pursue after the film’s release. ferrari this year.

Clearly impressed with Driver after casting him as Enzo Ferrari in his upcoming biographical drama. ferrariMann hopes Oscar-nominated actor takes over role Robert DeNiro as Neil McCauley in Race 2. As a result, the saga will return to the past as a prequel to the classic 1995 thriller.

The first film follows the icons Al Pacino and Robert De Niro as a cop and a robber, respectively, and explores the conflict between an LAPD detective and a criminal, and how the two careers affect their professional relationships and personal lives. The film is a prime example of the genre: Mann wrote a prequel/sequel novel that was released last August.

Authorized Race 2The novel (and therefore the film) spans the formative years of homicide detective Vincent Hannah (Al Pacino’s character) and elite criminals Neil McCauley, Chris Sheeherlis, Nate, played by Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer and Jon Voight. The story told in the novelleads to the events of the movie and beyond“, says the description.

Race 2 can Adam Driver and Timothée Chalamet manage it?

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Although nothing is officially known at the moment, Al Pacino has previously stated that he would like to see the star. Dunes, Timothy Chalamet, play a younger version of your Vincent Hanna character with an actor Elvis, Austin Butlerwho is rumored to play Val Kilmer’s Chris Sheeherlis together. Ana de Armas From Blonde as the female protagonist.

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