Michael Oher vs. Parents: They Didn’t Adopt Me

lHis story inspired the film The is the blind side which gave Oscar Sandra Bullock. But now Michael Oherformer NFL football player, claims that parents Sean and Lee Ann Tuohy never adopted him. Indeed, they would have limited themselves to using his talent and his turbulent history for their own enrichment. And he dragged them into court, asking the judges to strip them of their status as legal guardians.

Happy birthday Sandra Bullock.  57 years between foster children, betrayal and success

Happy birthday Sandra Bullock.  57 years between foster children, betrayal and success

Michael Oher: No adoptions

Oher, 37, discovered that almost twenty years ago “parents” limited themselves to forcing him to sign documents by which he appointed them as his legal guardians. So no adoption. “Michael Oher,” the lawsuit says, “discovered the lie in February 2023. He then learned that the asset management he had signed, which he believed would make him a member of the Tuohy family, did not in fact offer him any family relationship.”

Case in court

In a lawsuit filed in court, the former champion therefore asks to cancel the protection. He also calls for a full account of the money raised by the Tuohy family, using his name and history. And, finally, to receive compensation with interest, accusing the “parents” of enriching themselves at his expense, continuing to “falsely and publicly” impersonate his adoptive parents “until the date of filing this claim.”

The reaction of Michael Oher’s parents

In response, the Tuohys said they were “devastated” by the allegations. And they explain that the legal defense was designed to meet the requirements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association because Oher would like to go to the same college as Sean Tuohy in Mississippi. “It is shocking to think that we would make money from any of our children.the couple commented. “But we will continue to love Michael at 37 the same way we loved him at 16.” Thus, the accusations of the “son” are “extravagant, painful and absurd”. And they counterattacked, claiming in a statement filed through their lawyer that Michael Oher threatened to draw them into a scandal if they did not agree to pay him $15 million.

Details of the trial

Oher says the Tuohys made him sign the paperwork almost immediately after he moved in with them as part of the adoption process. The former footballer says he was “falsely informed” that legal guardianship would only be established because he was already 18 years old, but the goal was adoption.

At no point did the Tuohys inform Michael that they would have full control over all of his contracts. And, as a result, Mikhail did not understand that if he was granted legal protection, he would give up his right to “dispose of contracts and money.” The book also contains references to his life. The court documents allege that regarding the rights, “an agreement was reached to pay Tuohy and the couple’s two sons, Sean Jr. and Collins, $225,000 in addition to 2.5 percent of future net book proceeds.” In addition, the contract “was allegedly signed by Michael on April 20, 2007.” but he “never voluntarily or knowingly signed this document. And no one ever showed him this contract with any explanation that he was signing such a document.

Like Britney Spears

A story that reminds of history in places Britney Spears, who succeeded in getting her father’s legal custody of her overturned and who, since 2008, has prevented her from making her own medical, financial and personal decisions about her life. The lawsuit of a singer who raised doubts about the institution of legal guardianship. and how actors with an interest in themselves and those who are protected can benefit from it.


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