Michal Thompson Praises Western Conference Power

THAT Denver Nuggets they are a team to beat next year. This happens when you are the reigning champion. But this does not mean that other contenders will not try to take the throne from him.

The Western Conference has become much tougher and more competitive this off-season. Teams like the Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, and Sacramento Kings expanded their roster, effectively becoming a threat to the NBA title.

Former Lakers player and star’s father Clay Thompson (who is considering leaving the US team to join Bahamas), Michal Thompson recently spoke with Sportskeeda’s Mark Medina about the situation in the Western Conference.

The Western Conference is very difficult. Denver, despite the absence of Bruce Brown and Jeff Green, will return to a great level. Sacramento is now a full-fledged team. Memphis will be strong when Morant returns. As for the Phoenix, we’ll have to see how things go, but they’re all formidable.

Michal Thompson

According to Michal Thompson, even I Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors will join the fight next NBA season as possible threats to achieve the ultimate victory.

The Warriors got better, smarter, smarter with the arrival of Chris Paul. Even the Lakers are there. With Austin Reeves rising to All-Star level, the Lakers are much better suited for next season.

Michal Thompson

Only time will tell if Father Clay’s words are true. But one thing is for sure: this year the Western Conference has a lot of fun in store for us.

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