Michel Cymes is enraged against “the crazy people” … The doctor balances!


Guest of Apolline de Malherbe on BFMTV, Michel Cymes returned this weekend to certain Internet users who claimed that it was a fake vaccine to “fool the French”.

Michel Cymès has still not digested these suspicions of scheming concerning his recent vaccination. On January 6, the PAF’s most famous doctor was vaccinated against Covid-19 in front of CNews cameras, like fifteen personalities from the medical world, at the Aulnay-sous-Bois hospital center. ” It didn’t hurt at all, I don’t have any gills that have grown, everything is fine. I am not paralyzed in my arm!” he blurted out then. But since this report, some Internet users have accused him of having been administered a fake vaccine.

A swelling rumor to which the surgeon specializing in otorhinolaryngology was quick to respond. ” You imagine that if it were true, that would mean that the Minister of Health who was there, that the doctor who gave me the injection, that the nurses and that all the hospital in which it was past were accomplices. I do not even prefer to tell you what I think of this kind of rumors “he argued in a video posted on the site of his magazine Dr. Good.

Guest on Saturday, January 16 of the show “Rendez-vous” presented by Apolline de Malherbe on BFMTV, Miche Cymès returned to this episode which particularly annoyed him. ” We must not give more importance to these crazy people than they should have. It’s crazy, these conspirators! Before, we did not talk about it, but with social networks, it takes a lot of magnitudes “, he reacted. Eager to put an end to this pointless controversy, he concludes: ” A while ago, we said to ourselves that they are completely stupid. On my Instagram account, I immediately denied that so as not to let the rumor run. , at one point, it’s so pathetic that it becomes funny! What interest I would have in doing a fake vaccination …