Michel Cymes threatens Cyril Hanouna: at the next insult, he attacks!


In an interview with our Belgian colleagues from Telepro on January 25, Michel Cymes warns Cyril Hanouna. At the slightest slip, he attacks!

“Stay at home, continue to take your stethoscope, and put it where I think! Me, I like guys who have courage. Michel Cymes I saw him in a restaurant last time, and he comes, he plays the buffoon! ” These words spoken by Cyril Hanouna for the attention of Michel Cymes in October 2019 did not fall on deaf ears. The most famous doctor of the paf explained this January 25 in an interview what he had decided to do, to no longer be the target of TPMP haters.

Attention Cyril Hanouna, Michel Cymes attacks!

He who confides to our Belgian colleagues from Telepro that he “did not wait for the pandemic” to receive the attacks and mockery of Cyril Hanouna and his gang, warned the entire C8 team. Indeed, if he assures that these repeated criticisms to him “touch one without touching the other”, he nevertheless put a lawyer on the spot …

Indeed, he reveals that in the event of “defamation or insult”, he will act accordingly. He is monitoring this file “very closely”. For the moment, Michel Cymes reassures, however: “I have not considered a procedure”, estimating, fair play: “The criticism of the emissions, of course, there is no problem. Let it be said that I am zero like host, there is no problem. Frankly it is the freedom to criticize and that, that does not bother me “.

Why so much hatred?

But relentlessness is no for Michel Cymes. He also launches that on television as in the street, he “has no intention of being insulted (…) without reacting”. Adriana Karembeu’s colleague reminds the most uninhibited: “I am a human being with a brain and a heart”. He also wonders why he is so disparaged, and quips: “A while ago, I said to myself ‘I must be responsible for the pandemic. It must be because of me, I am the zero case. since people seem to be mad at me ‘”.