Michel Savoie on the red carpet in Venice

Fasano – On Thursday, August 31, the second day of the 81st Venice International Film Festival, director Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari was presented. As our magazine has already reported, in the stellar cast of American cinema stars there is a star who is completely “made in Fasano”: Michel Savoy. The actor from Fasano, along with other actors of the film, became the protagonist of the traditional fashion show on the Venetian red carpet. The film’s protagonist, Adam Driver (aka Enzo Ferrari), reiterated that his presence in Venice was due to the film’s promotion, but he remains loyal to the American actors’ and screenwriters’ strike that began a few months ago in the States and blocked many productions. Another protagonist, “Dr. Strangelove” Patrick Dempsey (alias Piero Taruffi), who arrived in the lagoon by motorboat, was also praised.

The role of Carlo Chiti, the historic Ferrari engineer called by Drake in 1957 to complete the Ferrari 156 F1 project, the automaker’s first Formula One car, was entrusted to the theatrical talent of Michele Savoia.

Director Michael Mann in official interviews emphasized that this is not an autobiographical film, but his goal was to tell the dreams, fears, psychology of the man Enzo Ferrari, who created the legend.

On the Venetian red carpet, Michele Savoia wore a bespoke suit by Maurizio Miri, with Tekla Turiaco taking care of the stylist.

Michele, from the floor of the Teatro Sociale and Kennedy in Fasano to the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. What are your feelings?

“These were indescribable emotions. Making the red carpet dream come true here in Venice with a film that is among the most anticipated in this review has been an incredible experience. It was a dream to be on the red carpet with great directors, high-level actors and Oscar winners.”

Do you interpret Carlo Chiti, do you know his figure in Drake’s shadow?

“I didn’t know Chiti’s figure before the audition, then I documented myself and studied a lot in order to be able to interpret him as best as possible. I believe that the figure of Carlo Chiti played a decisive role in the realization of the “dream” of Enzo Ferrari and one of the most popular engineers in the world of Italian automotive industry. In his sporting career, he had some brilliant intuitions that changed the national four-wheel world. During the preparation of the film, I had the opportunity to meet and meet many people who knew him, which enriched my knowledge of the character.”

Meeting from November 30 in Italian cinemas to watch the film “Enzo Ferrari”.

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