Michele Savoia, pheasant actor ready for international cinema with Ferrari

Yesterday the film was presented at the Venice International Film Festival.

FASANO – A new star is about to shine in the world of Italian cinema, and his name is Michele Savoia, “our” Michele Savoia. Actor Fasano, known for his versatility and talent, is about to take a big step into the international arena with the much-anticipated film Ferrari, directed by acclaimed director Michael Mann.

The Ferrari film is a biopic dedicated to one of the most iconic figures in the history of the Ferrari team, in which Michele plays Eng. Carlo Chiti, one of the greatest post-war racing car designers who revolutionized the prancing horse stable.

The film promises to take viewers on a journey through the life, exploits and obsession with speed of automotive genius Enzo Ferrari, who went down in history as Drake.

The official announcement of the participation of Michele Savoia in the film caused great enthusiasm among the fans and admirers of the actor. After years of theatrical success, musicals, television series and even film appearances, including the famous Me Against You, Savoy is finally getting the fame and international recognition it deserves.

His interpretation of the role of Carlo Chiti in Ferrari presents a major challenge for the actor, as he will have to embody a historical figure of great importance in the world of motorsport.

The Ferrari film is not only a springboard for Michele, but also an extraordinary opportunity to showcase Italian talent on the international stage. In addition to Savoy, the cast of this promising project includes such international names as Penelope Cruz, Adam Driver, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Dempsey and many others. The presence of Savoy next to these stars is another recognition of his talent and potential in the world of cinema.

Yesterday, August 31, at the Venice International Film Festival, on the occasion of its eightieth edition, the world premiere of “Ferrari” took place, and this adds a touch of prestige to this film.

Michele Savoia continues to show us that dreams can come true and that Italian talent can win the hearts of a global audience. We can only wait with trepidation for the release of this film, scheduled for November 30th, ready to applaud its success and be sure of the brilliant performance of our compatriot Michele Savoia.

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