Michele Savoia: Put me against you in Ferrari? Actor beauty

He led for many years Enrico Maria Lamanna in national productions with artists such as Tosca D’Aquino, Francesco Venditti, Paola Minaccioni, Lunetta Savino, Rosalinda Celentano, Lisa Gastoni and others. In the theater he worked together Enzo Iacchetti, Maurizio Casagrande, Tosca, Rosalia Porcaro, Ornella Muti, Anna Mazzamauro… Now Michelle Savoie takes a big leap into international cinema with the film Ferrari by the great American director Michael Mann (screened in Venice cinemas from November 30, 2023).

Michele Savoia and his character in the film about Red Maranello

“In the film I play Carlo Chiti, historical engineer for the Modena automaker. Enzo Ferrari’s trusted right-hand man, he contributed enormously to Ferrari becoming great, with brilliant insight, especially during the year depicted in the film (1957). “Always anxious” is how Drake defined it in the film. The drive to succeed, the result of a huge sense of duty and responsibility, coupled with Drake’s amazing character also gives the film some good qualities.”

What is it like working alongside actors of the caliber of Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, Patrick Dempsey?
“When I went to the first audition, I was sure that I would not be chosen. They knew they were auditioning actors from all over Europe and I would never have dreamed of this, instead, after years of huge sacrifices, dreams come true. Under the guidance of such a master as Michael MannAlthough it was very tedious (his commitment to perfection is truly unique and led to him asking us to shoot scenes countless times), it was an incredible learning experience. The way he directs actors should be included in cinematography manuals. I felt lucky and gave myself completely to his instructions. The rest of the cast greeted me with disarming humanity. I felt at home. For obvious reasons, I always played with Adam Driver. Extremely professional, serious, but when he allows himself to relax during breaks, it’s fun. Also with Patrick Dempsey I had the opportunity to network a lot and had a really good time. Very helpful and helpful in my work. WITH Penelope Cruz I didn’t have many scenes (as it’s written in the film), but I met her at rehearsals. A divine being of unique humanity, unrivaled elegance and simplicity. A truly magnificent discovery.”

Michele Savoia on tour in gyms with i Me against you as Pongo.

Are you having fun?
“The tour is a unique experience! Performing live on air with around 10,000 people is overwhelming and inexplicable. Pure adrenaline combined with a group of colleagues of rare human beauty. I couldn’t ask for more and can’t wait for the next date! I’ve always hated labels, I hate stopping to look from just one perspective, and I’ve always been extremely curious. It was this curiosity and desire to experiment and challenge myself that made me give up the cartoon character. I’m posing “Me against you” in Ferrari, for the series for Rai1. The beauty of this profession for me is precisely this! Know the artistic language (in this case acting) and enjoy experimenting with all its types. However, unfortunately, I often encounter prejudices. But in the end, I don’t care! I like!”.

And he recently finished filming the film “The Secret Affair” with Edoardo Leo…
“I can still say very little about this series, which will be broadcast in the second part of the season on Rai1. A crime comedy that will amaze viewers. Lots of new features in the writing and story, a fresh, multicultural style, open to what is now our beautiful country. I play a rather comical police officer, the best friend of the main character Edoardo Leo. At first glance, a cold, cynical and distant character, who in reality later turns out to be fundamental to the development of the plot and to the character of Travaglia (Edoardo Leo).”

We will see her in “Imma Tataranni 3”, the main character of the episode with Vanessa Scalera, September 25 on Rai1…
“Here too I can’t reveal much yet, but I assure you that the episode will be full of unexpected twists and famous characters loved by the Italian public, but at the same time a little unexpected. I will be the main character of the 1st episode!”

Crowded season

But do you miss the theater a little? “An extremely busy season for which I am extremely grateful. Theater has always been my great love. I’ve been on stage since I was 15 years old. I miss it very much, but I needed to learn other artistic languages…”

And who would you like to work with?
“The entire newspaper would not be enough for a long list of names. Among the international directors, I would like to work with Mann again, and then maybe with Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, to name a few. In Italy there are also many, from Guadagnino To Muccino, Ozpetek, but above all Tornatore: I have always been in love with his films. I ate Nuovo Cinema Paradiso as a child. Another idol I grew up with and would love to meet on set is Carlo Verdone

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