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Michelle Jenner’s Trendy Haircut You’ll Want This Fall

In the autumn season that just started on bob haircut It has been crowned as the favorite of celebrities to change their style and start the new year with encouragement and joy. Michelle Jenner just met 35 years and she has received them with this new styling in her hair that looks spectacular on her. And it is that in autumn it is time to renew the wardrobe and of course renew the look. The bob cut is perfect for this season, it is french style and it contains several different versions that pose a greater or lesser risk depending on what your body asks you to do. The mini bob cut with bangs is the one worn by the actress from ‘Los Hombres de Paco’.

The artist had previously opted for a long hair very short, something that has not been a problem for him to easily change to the bob. The actress’s hair is after the cut that is longer than a XXL pixie and shorter than a classic bob. Michelle sports tiered hair that slides down her profile, born from a long tousled bangs that brings the mane to the back of the head. Although sometimes these hairstyles seem impossible, hairdressing experts say that it is the perfect cut to wear a short hair, healthy and stylish.

The French bob has various keys to show it off, for example, The Pin long combed and carefully rounded that gives a great touch to the hairstyle. On the other hand, another trick is let it air dry No need to use the dryer after washing. Also, now that we are back to the routine of the day to day, this cut will help you to carry the routine more easily than long hair. Although it should be noted that this style does not fit all textures of hair, usually works with straight hair and thick and wavy hair. Michelle Jenner has straight hair and that is why this new look looks so good on her.

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