Michoacán government offers free care to minors with cancer

Morelia, Michigan, September 10, 2023. -The most common types of childhood cancers in this entity are leukemias, lymphomas and tumors of the central nervous system, so the Alfredo Ramírez Bedola government guarantees free treatment and financial support to families.

The Michoacan State Department of Health (SSM) provides multidisciplinary care through the Eva Sámano de López Mateos Children’s Hospital, an accredited medical unit for the comprehensive management of hematological malignancies and solid tumors both within and outside the central nervous system, according to a statement. and providing treatment to 160 girls and boys with various cancers.

Signs and symptoms of leukemia include pale complexion with weakness and listlessness, prolonged fever in the afternoon and night (more than two weeks), and bleeding, bruising, and erythema on the skin, mucous membranes, and bones. Pain that does not occur can be eliminated with analgesics that have a short onset of action.

Although lymphoma may present with symptoms of swollen lymph nodes, fever, excessive night sweats, and weight loss, it’s important to pay attention to these symptoms because children are more likely to survive a cancer diagnosis. 70%, if it is detected early, thereby improving their quality of life.

The cause of most childhood cancer cases is unknown, so it is important to vaccinate them against hepatitis B to prevent liver cancer, human papillomavirus vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, and take other steps such as early detection or treatment of chronic cancers . Infections may cause this condition.

Currently, 350 patients are being monitored at Children’s Hospital, and a further 450 have been cured since 1990, when the free program for girls and boys with cancer began.

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