micron advances: thousands of flights are suspended worldwide

More than 7000 flights They were canceled worldwide by airlines during the long weekend christmas by the meteoric progression of the micron variant of the coronavirus, that It is mainly affecting aircraft crews.

Airport in Virgina, USA – Bloomberg

Y this Monday, almost 2000 flights were canceled and others 2700 accumulated delays, of which Hundreds had as their origin or destination airports in China, whose authorities did not clarify if the reason is the application of new sanitary control measures or other reasons.

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The FlightAware portal indicated that the cancellations today were for 1954 flights, with almost a third in the US, and 2693 delays.

By airlines, the two most affected are China Eastern, with 400 canceled operations and 62 delays, and Air China, which canceled 193 flights and has 23 delays, followed by Skywest, Lyon Aire and United. The Chinese Shenzhen Airlines also suspended 72 operations and accumulated delays in 17.

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Many airlines they had to quarantine pilots, flight attendants Y other staff members who were exposed to Covid. For that reason Lufthansa, Delta and United Airlines they had to cancel flights.

And this Monday, Shares of American Airlines Group Inc, United Airlines Holdings Inc, Delta Air Line Inc and Southwest Airlines Co fell between a 2% and 3% in trading before the opening bell on Wall Street.

According to Flightaware, on Sunday there were about 2000 more cancellations, of which more than 570 were trips related to the United States, international or domestic.

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As of Saturday, the same site had identified 2,800 flight cancellations, 970 of them related to the United States. On Friday, cancellations were around 2,400 and delays approached 11,000, also according to Flightaware. And United Airlines canceled 439 flights on Friday and Saturday, about 10% of those scheduled.

“The peak of micron cases nationwide this week has had a direct impact on our crews and the people who run our operations“Explained the US company, which said it is working to find solutions for the affected passengers.

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Delta Air Lines also canceled more than 300 flights on Saturday and 170 the day before, again according to Flightaware, which cites micron as the main cause of cancellations, and occasionally adverse weather conditions. As in the western US, where they forecast snowstorms and sharp drops in temperatures.

“Delta teams have exhausted all options and resources” before reaching these cancellations, argued the airline, reported AFP.

More than ten flights were also canceled. Alaska Airlines, whose employees they said they had been “potentially exposed to the virus” and announced their decision to quarantine themselves.

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