micron: “the more the virus circulates, the more risk there is of a new, more deadly variant” says WHO

“micron is probably not the latest variant of Covid-19. We don’t know yet, but the more it circulates the virus, the more chances there are that a new, more deadly variant emerges what micron“, alerted today the doctor Bruce Aylward, senior adviser of the World-wide Organization of the Health (WHO).

Micron variant: the new eschatological symptom that ignited the alerts amid the rise in infections



WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recalled that over 15 million new cases were reported last week of Covid-19 around the world, “the largest number of cases reported in a single week“.”And we know that this is an understatement“, he pointed.

Meanwhile he number of reported weekly deaths “has remained stable since October of last year, with an average of 48,000 weekly deaths“.

“Although the number of hospitalized patients is increasing in most countries, it is not at the level of previous waves,” he noted.

almost 50,000 deaths per week

I remembered that this “is still a virus dangerous, especially for those who are not vaccinated. Almost 50,000 deaths a week is 50,000 more deaths. Learn to live with this virus does not mean we can, or should, accept this number of deaths. “

And he was shocked by the great flood of micron: “The epidemic curve is staggering. In 30 years working with infectious diseases I’ve never seen anything like it. Must do everything possible to stop the infections. “

“This is not the time to declare that this is a welcome virus. No virus that kills people is welcome,” said the executive director of the WHO Emergencies Program, Mike Ryan, urging that “this is not the time to give up”.

This Wednesday a UOL interview with the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was published, saying that “according to some studious and serious people and not linked to pharmaceuticals“, the micron variant” is welcome and may indeed signal the end of the pandemic. ”

micron in Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro “welcomes” the most contagious variant


Tedros confirmed that “the vast majority of the people iGraduates in hospitals around the world are not vaccinated“.

“Although vaccines are still very effective … do not completely impede transmission. A higher transmission means more hospitalizations, more deaths, more people out of work, including teachers and health workers, and more risk of another variant emerging that is even more transmissible and more deadly than micron, “he recalled.

And the large number of Covid-19 cases “also puts greater pressure on already overburdened and exhausted health workers.”

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