micron: there are two new remedies against COVID recommended by the WHO, who can take them?

Before the advance of the micron variant all over the world, with record case spikes in several countries and in Argentina, where this Thursday there were more than 128 thousand infections, specialists of the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended two new drugs to assist in the treatment of Covid-19.

Its about sotrovimab and baricitinib, which are added to the other three drugs that the international organization has already approved to fight SARS-CoV-2: ronapreve, a series of synthetic antibodies, two drugs called “interleukin 6 antagonists”, marketed as Tocilizumab Y Sarilumab, and the systemic corticosteroids for seriously ill patients.

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micron: what are the two new remedies against COVID recommended by the WHO

Now him sotrovimab, other series of synthetic antibodies; and the baricitinib, a medicine in general used against rheumatoid polyarthritis; are added to this list of drugs that assist in the treatment of the virus: this was indicated by the WHO specialists in an article published in the scientific journal The BMJ.

However, it was specified that its application is not in general use, but both treatments work in very accurate clinical charts and are not intended for any infected patient.


First of all, the use of sotrovimab is recommended for patients who gave positive without serious symptoms but they still have a high risk of hospitalization due to pre-existing health conditions.

This is so because the benefit of the drug to patients who actually they are not at risk being admitted to an intensive care bed is under. Sotrovimab shares its effects with the already approved ronapreve.

For his part, the baricitinib was recommended by WHO experts specifically for “patients suffering from a serious or critical Covid”. In addition, the agency warned that the drug should be administered in combination with corticosteroids.

The latter drug has the ability to “improve survival rate and reduce the need for mechanical ventilation”, so it is essential to prevent deaths.

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Baricitinib shares its clinical effects with interleukin 6 antagonists, so it must be administered to the same type of patient: “When both are available, you have to choose which of the two to use based on the cost, availability and experience of healthcare professionals“, Specialists told The BMJ.

This last drug, generally used to alleviate the effects of the autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritisbelongs to the family of “Janus kinase inhibitors”.

However, the WHO warns that the other drugs that make up this group – ruxolitinib and tofacitinibshould not be used to treat SARS-CoV-2 due to a lack of data on its efficacy and possible side effects.

Finally, the article refers to the micron variant and indicates that its effectiveness against new strains like this is still “uncertain”, emphasizing the need to run more tests to know how it works in the face of virus mutations.

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The WHO regularly updates its recommendations for treatments against covid-19, based on clinical trials carried out with different types of patients.

Despite this, the therapeutic arsenal is still reduced. In the last few months, The WHO rejected the use of several treatments: Since the injection of plasma from patients cured of covid-19, ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine were denied.


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