micron: they warn that the lightness with which the variant is taken is worsening the pandemic

Immunologist and researcher at the Yale University, Akiko Iwasaki, alerted by the adoption of a “very dangerous attitude of flippancy” of the micron variant of coronavirus than to leave as a consequence a “worsening of the pandemic for all”.

The harsh warning is given in the midst of the rise in infections worldwide and after the World Health Organization (WHO) would anticipate that the strain first identified in South Africa “will not be the last mutation.”

“Individual people can experience less severe forms of COVID-19, especially if they are vaccinated. And there are real reasons to think that micron, particle for particle, could be less dangerous than Delta. But its unbridled spread has sown a situation that is far from light. And right now, the notion of lightness is making the pandemic worse for everyone.” Iwasaki in dialogue with the portal

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For the Yale researcher, “much of the Omicron problem” goes back to the impulse of a “false binary”.

“That the variant is less dangerous is too often misunderstood because the variant is not a danger at all. Severity works out in degrees, which is in fact what we’re seeing. Per capita, micron appears less likely for Delta to hospitalize or kill people it infects“, he added.

Iwasaki recognized that “it is tempting to attribute favorable characteristics to the new strain”, but when doing “It would be too simplistic.”

“Disease always manifests as an interaction between the pathogen and the host, which means there are two main reasons why micron cases they can present with milder symptoms: a more resistant human being or a more compliant microbe. In this current surge, we are likely to see both effects collide.“, I continued.

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Akiko Iwasaki explained that the micron variant offers a “hard lesson on your multiplication”.

“So many people have been infected that a relatively small percentage of medically serious cases have yet exploded into absolutely staggering numbers. In the United States, where the majority of the population has at least one risk factor for severe COVID-19 and a quarter of people have yet to receive a single dose of a vaccine, the release of severe disease from cases is shaping up to be a substantially muted echo of what has been seen abroad.”

In this sense, Yale Immunology concluded: “Hospitalizations have already reached a new pandemic peak. Among them are a large number of children, many of whom are still too young to be vaccinated. When micron finds vulnerable hosts, it can still exact the worst from SARS-CoV-2. And micron is finding them”.

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