Micron variant: how to detect symptoms and 4 other keys to treating the disease at home

micron continues causing exponential growth of cases around the world. In the Argentina, meanwhile, this variant of the coronavirus already has community circulation and, for the second consecutive day, caused more than 130 thousand new positives, a unprecedented figure since the start of the pandemic.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the who, warned that last week reported more than 15 million new infections of Covid-19 Worldwide. “The highest number of cases reported in a single week. And we know that this is an underestimate,” he explained.

micron has 50 new mutations compared to the original virus and more than 32 mutations in the S gene, several of them related to increased transmissibility and immunity escape. For that reason it is more contagious but, on the other hand, causes fewer hospitalizations.

If a person tests positive for COVID-19 and their symptoms are mild, must be maintained isolated in his house. You must also reduce the probability of infecting people in your immediate environment. The coronavirus it spreads mainly when people infected they take Contact with others.

Next, the recommendations that must be taken into account to transit the disease.

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Because this variant, which was first recorded in South Africa at the end of November, has a high level of contagion, it is essential that isolation is complied with since the first symptom is recorded compatible or against the first result of test.

James merlin, doctor Y director of clinical transformation at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, said: “Right now, we’re seeing a lot of infectivity in homes, where someone who is sick infects other people they live with.”

For avoid that he coronavirus continue to spread among relatives who live in the same homewho has symptoms or already knows they are infected must remain isolated in a separate room.


The ventilation, the estrangement and the use of chinstrap They are the most efficient measures to prevent contagion. Almost two years after the start of the pandemic, several people still do not know how to use the mask correctly.

The it should be placed from the nose to the chin, since it seeks to protect the respiratory tract. Otherwise, nearby people can inhale the virus and become infected.

In the Argentina I know bast the use of chinstrap in spaces open, but with the increase in cases, the possibility of using it again returned to the center of the scene.

“First for a matter of sense common, but also because of an objective question that has to do with how contagious the latest variants that appeared, must be used“, He said Dr. Carlota Russ to El Cronista.

Russ, which integrates the National Immunization Commission (CoNaIn), He added: “We knew with the first strains of the virus that the possibility of contagion was certain if the contact lasted between 10 and 15 minutesless than two meters away. That does not apply to strains such as micron and Delta, where with much less time the one who is infected can spread it”.


The patient infected must be on contact a health professional to know what to deal with the pains that can present and so that it is a case checked.

On the other hand, it is essential that the person who is going through the disease can have your break time because that way your recovery be more fast and the isolation will be more precise.

Faced with shortness of breath, severe chest pains, confusional state, bluish lips, and poor ability to stay awake; the patient should immediately contact a doctor.


Whoever is infected must have constant control over your health, because it is impossible to have a doctor available 24 hours a day, he must do his own checkups.

For this reason it is important have a thermometer in their homes to quickly detect body temperature and, if necessary, consult a specialist.


The isolation social can to provoke a waterfall of feelings and moods since it is difficult to be completely closed, without contact with others.

Health professionals they emphasize that it is important to receive moral support during this period. Therefore, being in virtual contact it may be the best solution for someone who is isolated.

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