Microsoft Admit It’s A Bug In Windows! The Repair Is The Month Of April..


Microsoft officially admit, it is a remote-code-execution this affects all versions of Windows. In connection with this security vulnerability, Microsoft will not be fast, to quickly publish, Update and delay the fix until the next Patch Tuesday in the month.

This vulnerability was in Windows when Adobe Type Manager Library do not really treat multi-master fonts specifically, as explained following Microsoft, “Two remote-code-execution-vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, if you processed the Windows Adobe Type Manager library incorrectly a specially crafted multi-master fonts – Adobe Type 1 PostScript format. There are several ways an attacker can exploit the vulnerability, such as convincing a user to open a specially crafted document or the display in the Windows preview window”.

Through this vulnerability a hacker can the user attack enticing the user to open documents that were created specifically or just see it via the Windows preview window.

Even so, Microsoft will not release fixes soon, and send the repair in accordance with the schedule of the release of a Patch Tuesday. As I said Microsoft here “Microsoft is aware of this vulnerability and are working on a solution. Updates, correction of vulnerabilities in Microsoft software are used in the rule Update published on Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month. This predictable schedule allowed, for the partners, quality assurance and IT planning, which helps the Windows ecosystem as a reliable, safe choice for our customers,“

When is Patch Tuesday will be released? based on the date and the time plan for the release, it had not moved, Patch Tuesday next will be published on 14. April 2020 15 April 2020 if the time zone is GMT +7.

By : Microsoft News-Softpedia

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