Microsoft announces the closing of the Mixer, via the collaboration with Facebook Gaming


Microsoft has announced that it has started the process for the closure of Mixerthe service of live streaming linked to the trademark Xbox of the house of Redmond. The company will focus on the development of the Project xCloud thanks to a new partnership with Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft in addition, it will facilitate the passage of its own streamer to other platforms, promoting the transition, in particular towards the Facebook Gaming. Starting from the 22nd of July then all of the apps and the sites linked in the Mixer will redirect users towards Facebook Gaming: “Starting today, Facebook Gaming will make easy access to everyone the wishes of the community Mixer. We will work for the transition of the community of the Mixer in the next few weeks. Starting from the 22nd of July, all of the sites and apps Mixer will redirect users to the Facebook Gaming. The transition of the community Mixer is a critical part of a broader effort that Xbox and Facebook Gaming are taking on, bringing new experiences and opportunities on Facebook where every month more than 700 million people play, watch a gameplay, or interact with a group of the game”.

The efforts of Microsoft will focus on the development of Project xCloudwith the intention of bringing the service right on the platform of Zuckerberg: “The key to this vision is our technology Project xCloud, which we carry games on all types of screens and windows of your life, including those of Facebook. Gaming is already a part of our social fabric and Project xCloud can take you to talk about a new type of game, whether it is a funny moment published by a friend, an ad, or a live stream. In the future, thanks to Project xCloud there will be a single click between -I’m watching – and -playing-“.

Currently, the colossus of Redmond has not provided precise details on the closing of the Mixer and on the process of transition to other platforms. It remains to be seen what will be the big names like Ninja and Shroud.

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