Microsoft Launches Video-Windows 10, the New UI Design


Window-the window have bent a corner-and it’s also seen on the button of the user interface. – Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft for computers and laptops.

This operating system was first released to users in July 2015.

The introduction of Windows 10 was originally made for an improvement, to represent by the company, the system interface, which is better.

In addition, this system is ready, with the addition of new features not in the previous version, i.e. Windows 8.

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The embedding of the name of Windows 10 by Microsoft, because they want to, the operating system can be run, in the long term.

So, the company has consciously melongkap the name of Windows 9, the successor to the series 8 to.

For this system, the user, the function setting can be associated with the drive.

That is, you don’t need to worry, with the setting of the laptop, if you can change at any time.

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