Microsoft released to Pursue an Interactive map of the Corona-Virus


The founder of Microsoft was also mentioned that there is a possibility in the future, it is a virus that is different from that of today, such as ebola.

He said that one of the factors that stop the spread of ebola, the suffering should not make the end of break, in order to transmit the virus. But in the future it may be different.

“So, we could not of the lucky ones. There are people who contracted the virus, but still healthy, although infected, so that you are riding on a plane or on the market,” he said.

The source of this virus, according to the bill, there is an epidemic of nature could be art, such as ebola or bioterrorism. Therefore, he urged the government of the global building system-response times are very good to deal with.

It was also during this time, the people have the system already has the technology, the science and the progress in the field of biology, which are authorized by such.