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Microsoft wants to combat hacking from the Ethereum blockchain

Microsoft, one of the largest technology firms in the world, works on a new system against piracy based on blockchain technology. Together with researchers from Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University, Microsoft experts, published the first research of the project.

Argus: a fully transparent incentive system for anti-piracy campaigns: this is the title of the new work of the software firm, which will try to take advantage of the transparency that blockchain technology provides to face cybercrime. The objective of the system is precisely to generate incentives for users to protect the data collected from the open anonymous population, from pirates.

“We see this as a distributed system problem. In implementation, we overcome a number of unavoidable obstacles to ensure safety despite full transparency, reads the document of the firm founded by Bill Gates.

As they explained in their report, “Argususes an algorithm to trace pirated content back to its source. Each leaked content report involves an information concealment procedure, so that only the informant can know the information without being its owner. Also, the system does not allow more than one report to be made on the same content.

“With the security and practicality of Argus, we hope that real-world anti-piracy campaigns will be truly effective by switching to a fully transparent incentive mechanism, they marked from Microsoft.

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