Mid-August in the museums of Rome is full of visitors. And that’s the record at the Colosseum

The tourist boom in the capital continues, albeit lower than in June and July, and the mid-August bridge broke last year’s record – when the flows had already rebuilt with the pre-covid period – museum attendance and archaeological areas.
In first place among the sites preferred by foreigners (but also by Italians, although in a smaller percentage), Coliseumwhich sold 95,853 tickets between 12 and 15 August, to which should be added 53,257 tickets. Roman forum He was born in Palatine. “More than 24,000 visitors in one day at the Parco del Colosseo. It was a great success for August 15 in museums, – the Minister of Culture rejoiced on social networks, Gennaro Sangiuliano -. Thank you to those who have worked hard to make this possible.” In 2022 – but the long bridge was stretched over three days instead of four – the archaeological park (Flavian Amphitheater and related sites) registered 134,189 visitors: an increase this year, minus the extra day, was about 11 percent.

Alfonsina Russo: “I’m glad for the work done”

“We are very happy and satisfied with this data,” repeated the director of the site, Alfonsina Russo, which has been in a bitter battle with the Capitol and the Capitol Superintendent in recent days over the mega-concerts at Circus Maximus following the chaos that erupted on American rapper Travis Scott’s show -. The Colosseum has been confirmed as an icon, and the latest works, including the panoramic elevator and the exhibition in the arena’s basement, are undoubtedly an important attraction for the public. In short, we were satisfied with the work done.” Among other things that attract the public is the “multimedia installation with holograms of gladiators and the reconstruction of Ludus Magnus.”

Attendance up 26 percent at Capitoline Museums

growth trend this is also confirmed in the archaeological zones administered by Roma Capitale: in 2022 (the result of three days, August 15 fell on Monday) the total number of visits was 11,336, this year from Sunday to Tuesday there were 14,278, almost 3 thousand more. With growth of almost 26 percent. Well Pantheon (29,034 visitors) and Capitoline Museums (4,300): “A good result for this August holiday,” commented cultural adviser Miguel Gotor, “with overall data higher than last year, already very good. This is a sign of the interest of tourists and Romans in the cultural offer of the city, which does not go on vacation even in August.”

Castel Sant’Angelo well and Galleria Borghese

Big turnout for National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo including visits to Passetto di Borgo (17,984), Galleria Borghese (7,720) and Hadrian’s Villa (4,196). North of Rome, interesting finds in the archaeological park of Cerveteri and Tarquinia (1517) and others. Farnese Palace of Caprarola (2.021).
The leading state museums of the city are the National Galleries of Ancient Art – Palazzo Barberini (1315) and the Roman National Museum – Palazzo Massimo (1101).

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