Mid-August Playlist: Top Songs from 1959 to Today

mid August

There is no summer (and no mid August) without his song. Summer phrases are classics like granite, pizza on the beach, and swimming at midnight. Things that are not always remembered for their quality, but inevitably remain in our memory forever. There is nothing more evocative than a song. So let’s follow 64 years of music under the umbrella today by answering a simple question: who was first in the standings on August 15th?

We relied on the Hit Parade Italia website for the answer, and since 1997 on the FIMI website. We have always chosen the week in which Ferragosto falls (with the exception of this year, in which, for obvious reasons, we had to settle for the last available singles ranking). queens Madonna AND juzy ferreri, the only ones that appear in the list three times. By clicking on the title, you can listen to the song again.


1959: Until we meet again From Marino Barreto Jr.

1960: Our concert From Humberto Bindi

1961: Tied to a grain of sand From Niko Fidenko

1962: When the sun heats up belonging Hermanos Rigaual

1963: Heart From Rita Pavone

1964: On your knees From Gianni Morandi

1965: Goodbye (center) From Petula Clark

1966: mid august night From Gianni Morandi

1967: In the sun From Al Bano

1968: Our fairy tale From Jimmy Fontana

1969: Blue-eyed Lisa From Mario Cloth

1970: Remoteness From Dominic Modugno

1971: Thoughts and words From Lucio Battisti

1972: How beautiful she is From Gianni Nazzaro

1973: Because I love you de Chameleons

1974: And you From Claudius Baglioni

1975: good evening doctor From Claudia Mori

1976: You cannot die inside From Gianni Bella

1977: I love you From Umberto Tozzi

1978: You From Umberto Tozzi

1979: You are the only woman for me From Alan Sorrenti

1980: moon From Gianni Toni

1981: (Here) On my own From Nikka Costa

1982: Good guys From Miguel Bose

1983: let’s go to the beach belonging Rigueira

1984: Photo romance From Gianna Nannini

1985: Summer ends belonging Rigueira

1986: Dad don’t preach From Madonna

1987: Who’s that girl From Madonna

1988: Tell me From Nick Kamen

1989: Long live mom From Edward Bennato

1990: Italian summer From Gianna Nannini AND Edward Bennato

1991: Gypsy From crystal waters

1992: This used to be my playground From Madonna

1993: Anything she wants belonging Ace Of Base

1994: The rhythm is magical From Marie Claire D’Ubaldo

1995: Color inside From Ti.Pi.Cal

1996: amazing From Robert Miles

1997: I will miss you From Puff Daddy & Faith Evans feat. 112

1998: life From De’ri

1999: I’m never called again From League/Yova/Pelou

2000: Freestylers From Bomfunk MC

2001: Three words From Valeria Rossi

2002: Aserehe from Las Ketchup

2003: Be busy From Sean Paul

2004: Fuck it From Aemon

2005: Army of Lovers From Lee Ryan

2006: i howl From Julieta Venegas

2007: Relax, take it easy From Mika

2008: Never forget me From juzy ferreri

2009: When love takes over From David Guetta AND Kelly Rowland

2010: Waka Waka (This time for Africa) From Shakira AND freshly ground

2011: Shimbale From Maria Gadu

2012: Balada From Gustavo Lima

2013: Wake me up From Avici feat. Aloe Black

2014: Prayer in C From Lilly Wood and The Prick featuring. Robin Schultz

2015: Rome-Bangkok From Baby K. AND juzy ferreri

2016: Let’s go team From Fabio Rovazzi

2017: Without payment From J-axis AND Fedez against. t pain

2018: Love and capoeira From Takagi and Ketra feat. Giusy Ferreri and Sean Kingston

2019: Again From Fred DePalma feat. Ana Mena

2020: One step away from the moon From Rocco Hunt and Ana Mena

2021: You’re driving me crazy From Blanco and the Ebbast Sphere

2022: Sweet life From Fedes, Tananay and Mara Sattei

2023: Italodisco From Colors

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