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Tuesday, August 15 at Sky Arte is a day entirely dedicated to rock music. Under the hashtag #RockDay, Ferragosto is alive with the big names of the international music scene early in the morning in commemoration of the Woodstock festival, which opened on August 15, 1969. Rock Marathon starts at 06:00:00 with the documentary The Doors – Live at the Hollywood Bowl, followed by Pink Floyd – A Technicolor Dream at 07:20, with the spotlights turning on the legendary British band. One of his most memorable productions, staged on 29 April 1967 at the Alexandra Palace in London and running for 14 consecutive hours, comes to life in a work that reconstructs the whole spirit of the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” era. With the next Sacred Triangle – Lou Reed – Iggy Pop – David Bowie, at 8:55, so it’s the turn of the exclusive meeting of the trio of stars, Double focus, in the morning, on Italian music, with the second episode of Sound Gigante – An alternative history of Italian music at 10 :45 and the documentary La piazza della mia città – Bologna and Lo Stato Sociale at 11:35 We return to the UK with The Beatles. : Sgt Pepper & Beyond, scheduled for 13:05. The film explores a year marked by the failure of the live performances of the Fab Four who focused on working in the recording room, managing to achieve unprecedented results. Director Alan J. Parker’s work reveals a lot of backstory. In the middle of a mind-boggling upsurge with their band, the Gallagher brothers are the protagonists (and executive producers) of Oasis: Supersonic, streaming at 3:05 p.m. A 2016 documentary directed by Matt Whitecross illustrates important milestones in the history of the Britpop reality show host. After that, at 5:10 p.m., it’s time for the Hitsville: A Motown Story documentary on the big record label’s event. Lady Gaga, the new queen of pop, bursts onto the screen at 19:10 with all the energy of an eclectic musician and actress considered a true icon of our era. Eccentric, rebellious, brilliant, unique: Elton John – “Rocketman” broadcast at 8:10 pm, then describes the life and struggles of an artist who achieved enduring worldwide success with hits like “Rocketman” or “Don’t Break My Heart.” which opened exactly 54 years ago, at 9:15 pm from Woodstock ’69 – Festival History. The documentary sheds light on the circumstances that led half a million young people to reach Max Yasgur’s farm in upstate New York, giving life to an encounter that has become part of the collective memory. The story continues at 11:40 p.m. with the release of a music box titled “Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Fury,” celebrating the maxi concert of the same name, staged thirty years after the historic precedent, directed by Oscar-winning Murray Lerner. The Who – Isle of Wight documentary, broadcast at 01:30 am, brings back to life the memorable performance of the British rock band that played to 600,000 people on August 30, 1970. Torn from life at just 27 years old, Janis Joplin entered the world of legend. The film Janis recalls his short existence at 03:00, outlining his accurate and intense portrait through images of concerts, interviews and letters the rock star wrote to his family. Gianna Nannini rereads them today. Women in the spotlight is also in Girls Rock!, which concludes #RockDay at 04:45 with a focus on iconic artists from the transalpine music scene.

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