Migbelis Castellanos changes attitude due to health concerns

Migbelis Castellanos in Venezuela last Tuesday Surprised by the huge change in the appearance of the newly aired “Love in Love with America”, And she took the opportunity to wear a red-sleeved dress, overflowing with sexiness, but what caught the eye was that she was wearing glasses.

Wearing glasses to cover my crooked eyes yesterday“He wrote in the video and shared it on the camera’s social network, where he has more than a million followers.

Via the aforementioned profile, the TV host commented that she was going through an uncomfortable situation because The Simple Facts of Living With Conjunctivitis As The Irritation And Redness Remains. Therefore, he took precautions before other colleagues.

Netizens took a few seconds to comment on the image they admired, while many were outright critical after deciding it didn’t suit her. Castellanos was just looking for options to play in his workplace.

“but, Why are you wearing those ugly glasses? , “Don’t judge.He has conjunctivitis and I use them for protection”, “The big thing you learned on Instagram today is that you don’t judge people or speak without knowing“, “She has free speech, but that’s ridicule, that’s not done to her, who cares if she wears glasses, and many people use glasses to solve vision problems”, “If you have conjunctivitis, you Can’t work until you’re cured”, “That girl, her bottle glasses”, “You’re a very pretty woman, but those glasses don’t quite match your image”“, are some of the reactions recorded in the post.

Rafael Araneda praised for return

Chilean Rafael Araneda isn’t hiding the fact that he’s had some sort of cosmetic touch-up at age 53, which he recently made public via his official Instagram account. In turn, the viewers of the programs they broadcast on UniMás took notice and voiced their opinion.

“Rafa looks like he’s had Botox and a new wig”, “He looks like a clown”, “Raphael is beautiful”, “You have a very noble soul”, “Handsome Good again”, “What a compliment”, “Speaking this secret at such a young age”, “He’s beautiful”, “What’s wrong with him? Have you gained weight?”, “Rafa you are the best! Rafael looks good! Success and bless you all”, “Rafa is back super handsome”, “Visual implants are sexy too”, “He is handsome back” and other comments.

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