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Might & Magic Heroes VII , as the name suggests, is the seventh installment of a fantasy game that is rightly referred to as a cult game. The game has gained many fans around the world, with each new release of the game, there are more and more of them. Be in this group and find out that it is a game worth attention. Might & Magic Heroes VII comes from the well-known German studio Limbic Entertainment , which was previously famous for developing interesting additions to the sixth version of this interesting game.

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Might & Magic Heroes VII is a story about a civil war, of course fought for the throne of the empire. The protagonist of the game is Prince Ivan of the Gryf family. The shadow cabinet created by him also plays a very important role in the game. The shadow cabinet members are a kind of advice from the wise men, advisers who help Ivan, though they don’t do it outright. They relate to the current situation at court and tell the prince about the most famous heroes of the land. The stories are a task for the player – a scenario to go through. Going through the storyboards has one goal – learning to make the right decisions.

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In Might & Magic Heroes VIIthere are six sections: Haven, Academy, Stronghold, Necropolis, Sylvan, and Dungeons. It is worth noting that the last two parts were selected by the players themselves in voting via the Internet. The basic tasks that the player faces are similar to what he could have encountered in the previous parts of the game. The player explores the area, acquires resources, and develops cities. He also has the opportunity to develop his heroes, recruit new ones. These actions are aimed at the next option of the game, i.e. wars that must be fought in order to win. The battlefields that have already appeared in the previous parts of the game are much more accurate and have a number of terrain obstacles, which makes the game even more attractive. During the game, we can use siege machines, thanks to which the battles are not only more interesting, but also much more difficult, which is a big plus for an enthusiast of such climates. The curiosity of this version of the game is the restoration of a book of spells and spells, a book that appeared in other partsMight & Magic Heroes . We can learn spells by visiting the city’s gidias of mages.

Get Might & Magic Heroes VII Download for free on your computer and play this amazing strategy. As in the previous versions of the game, you can develop your heroes. The evolution of the hero, from the beginning to the end, is entirely up to us, we have an insight into all his skill trees. It is up to us how we manage his life and his skills.

The newest Might & Magic Heroes has been enriched with the possibility of appointing a governor in the city, city creation is possible and in other parts of the game, but it was made more difficult due to the fact that some structures created in the cities they are building may be mutually exclusive. The limited number of materials that can be used to build one element may also be important when building cities. This is an obstacle that can complicate building a lot of things.

Might & Magic Heroes is called a cult fantasy game for a reason. The previous parts of the game have gained many fans around the world, the refined seventh part of the game is undoubtedly worth attention. Get the full version of Might & Magic Heroes VII Download now . Transferring to the world of this game is transferring to the world of fantasy that you can love. Lots of options in the game, lots of possibilities to build your world, it is a guarantee that the game will not get bored for a long time, we will also be happy to come back to it often.

Might & Magic Heroes VII Download for free

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