“Migrants have taken control of our neighborhood in New York” – Corriere.it

Lady Gaga’s father against migrants in New York. According to the New York Post, Joe Germanotta, 66, is outraged by the state of his upscale Upper West Side neighborhood, where the restaurateur lives and where he opened his restaurant Joanne Trattoria.

It all started about six weeks agowhen the city council quietly and quickly turned the Stratford Arms hotel, located one block from Germanotta’s house, into a shelter for 500 migrants. “They are guests in our area, but they have pretty much taken over,” he said. father of the star, who lived for about 35 years in the historic and prestigious Pythian condominium on 70th Street. Her two daughters also grew up here, including Lady Gaga. “If that had been the case when my girls were little, I wouldn’t have lived in New York.” The man denounced the presence of prostitutes, people playing loudly and running around on motorcycles. In addition, he and other residents complain about the sidewalks being littered.

“It was a covert operation. They were taken away on a bus in the middle of the night they didn’t want anyone to know what was going on,” Germanotta told The Post at her Joanne Trattoria restaurant on West 68th Street. “The worst is at night. Noise. It will start around 10 am and will last until 4 am,” the restaurateur said, also referring to insults against residents and “prostitutes who come and go from the building.”

This isn’t the first time Germanotta has pointed the finger at people who might pose a social problem. In 2020, his restaurant Joanne Trattoria lost 30 percent of its business to the homeless population, he said. “We feel compassion,” he said, “but when the homeless invade our neighborhood, it becomes less attractive.” Now, about homelessness, he seems to have changed his mindbecause he told the Post, “The really sad thing is that we still have veterans and homeless people in the neighborhood, but we don’t care about them. They don’t get food every day. It’s really sad.” In the first six months of this year, 66,117 migrants arrived in the United States with New York as their destination, according to The Post.. As for the migrants, Germanotta concludes, “I don’t mind having them there. They will stay there for three years,” but asks for a security plan. that their presence is “managed” according to the municipal plan.

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